The Ohanang Generation Part 6


Greetings and salutations to all ma readers, viewers and all those who just read to criticize,

Ke tshepa le enjoyile yalls July, “the stress month”, for it is now where alotta young men are at the suicide peak as they got the good/bad news that they are soon going to be fathers, mara le sa bala. Life is all about reproduction so congrats to all the mothers and dads to be, so now let us commerce with what yall came here for


Living in the world of today, everything happens so fast, before you know it, you have said words which weren’t intended to be sent to the next party. I could say we have all been in a state of denial, either we lie to our selves about situations we in just to console our state of emotion or try to forget a situation that has occurred, but what I wanna know is why would one put him/herself in so much pain when the truth is always bound to set you free? For instance, you get results of a blood test and they read positive. Lying to yourself that they were all a mistake is just as close to beating yourself up for no reason, and which will just lead to tolling and slowly deteriorating yourself. So for one to find happiness, one has to be honest with one’s self and learn to accept things as they are. As you might have noticed I like including the words “malapa ga lekane”- Some people seem to have misread the message I’m conveying to the audience and think my blog is all bout giving a bad image to banyana ba kasi le bophelo ba mashigu, need I remind you that churches are empty these days only coz the youth pay attention to education in a hidden message form, for example if I did a sexual math song, I bet they would remember all the formulas to solving the mathematical problems .so it came to me a few weeks ago when I had a talk with my friend Kenny, we were conversing on the topic bout how life can be depressing somtimes geo bona gore di thaka tsa gao dia phomella and wena nakweo dilo di sharakane, you peers buying flashy cars, getting good paying jobs with no qualifications and  nakweo wena o imela ke depression gore why wena dilo tsao di sa pope, keng nkare modimo gao verstane and all that. So you start playing the blame game, eitha o blamer setswadi or situation sa ko wena which automatically leads to denial (dishonest) to yourself. You are ripping yourself off the building stones that will mold you as soon as you learn to accept situation. So I quote Kenny’s words “we all have our given time to prosper, some people just fall into luck naturally and some of us have to work for success, but in the end, Modimo o beile nako for rena bobohle, lentse ekaba after mengwaga, but in the end tlebe dilo tsao dintse wete”.


My bras kgopela lei holokomeleng when it comes to under age girls who love the fast life and having a good time. Sometimes you find gore she lies about her age saying she’s 19 or 18 net for gore a kgone gonwa byala or she would be on some tip gore setswadi asena taba ka what she does so dilo di mthebelele. Skae tshepa taba eo, so from now on if you have the feeling gore motho o ke ngwana,
ask for her ID because o tla shwela ntho osae itsing, worst of all they are very conniving for the story changes when the parents find out about her activities and the older boyfriend “you”. O fetoga the big bad wolf who was forcing everything onto her. So if dilo go to the hands of the law, you have no say in this for she is a minor and knowing well that she is one, whatever you did with her will be set as statutory rape, whether she agreed to it or not, even if yall did not engage in any sexual activities, being with her will just lead to and offense of criminal record to your name so can yall try atleast le ba tlogeleng till ba gola nyana coz taba ya ma-authi atlo chechella ko tronkong for taba tse so ase stelle so net reba shape ka skhiya for nako nyana wamferstana?


As much as le ka ngangisana, there are ladies out there who have that real love. Kore ga nyake go utlwa nex ka banna babangwe except for the one she is with. Its been years since I’ve been to a wedding mo kasi, so this just goes to tell me gore batho abasana lerato, bophelo ba nou ke ba di van n set, but yet you find these women who are ready to settle and tie that knot, so in the end flopo is in us men. Re tshaba commitment cause we are so greedy and re rata go retiwa for dilo tse snax, we have this motto of “why settle for beef when I can also have lamb”. That’s where the whole problem/matter begins, we fear being loyal n sticking to one girl while we busy chasing after megwanthi eminchi, and seize to ignore the love we could be getting from sticking to one woman. While we chase loose skirts we chase diseases and miss the opportunities to finding a faithful partner so my conclusion to this is we men are the reason why gosena manyalo and go tletse megwanthi mo Gauteng. So bras kgopela re rateng banyana ba rena and if you on that tip ya gore jou kind wao tima so wena u wana have ba ko mapayeng fela then you need to ask yourself what is it that you are doing wrong gore she won’t give you that trust gore a ka gofa yona. I quote “Men who are in stable relationships never go hungry”.

Cheap niggas

There is a very big misconception between cheap men and low budget fellas, so women ba fyela the wrong ones because of this huge misunderstanding.

On the previous topic I discussed taba ya gore malapa ga lekane, so we come back to the discussion yagore banna ba dula bale depressed coz ba gatellega in most cases like when it comes to a situation where he has to take his girl out. Some of these young women abane verstaan gore motho ga kgone go afforda so when he takes her to ko sterland she gon complain gore yen o nyaka goya ko Nu-metro coz chomi yagae Cindy ba mo isa ko teng, or she only wants to dine ko spur and will never touch a nandos plate so this all leads to depression for the poor fella. Cheap niggas ke bale bao rata go fluanta dilo tsao tura, the lavish life, designer clothes and nice cars but when it comes to a point where he has to take care of real bills he will just fold his arms and look at the lady. So coming back to the ladies, if you think your man can’t afford your lifestyle, best leave him and find a rich brother who will ,but do keep in mind that these money throwing
guys are more to what meets the eye, so if he tells you to do something out of your comfort zone, osa makala, it just comes with the cash he will be spending on you. So leave low budget brothers to the understanding girls, and the cheap niggas to megwanthi and if you have an expensive maintenance plan like a german car then go for the rich pervs or just get a job and maintain your own lifestyle.

Big vs Small

Dear fellas, just because you have an ak-47 in your pants do not necessarily mean you are the world’s greatest sex guru. Some women kindly asked me to educate yall about pleasuring a woman since I gave them a heads up mo di tabeng tsa di 1 noto on the previous issue.

  • Pumping real fast doesn’t fascinate all women; take time to know what pleases your woman. Some ladies are very fond of oral sex, plus it has the advantage to greater chances of orgasm, but not all women are fans of licking the cake so take a different approach and play around touching her all over till you find that tickle spot.
  • 4play is an essential when it comes to got steamy love making. Imagine going down a dry water slide… well that’s what your lady feels if you penetrate without arousing her sweet juices. Or while yall busy and she goes dry, might be results of well stimulation, so stop that humping and get back to touching and kissing so get her back into that mood.
  • There is no shame in spoiling your lady with a nice massage or talking dirty with her, she’s not always in that love making mood. Sometimes she wishes to see that thug in you, so do well and show her that wild side of yours.
  • Do not be afraid of sexting your lady, chances of you learning what really puts her on are very high in this situation.

With these tips you can never go wrong, so go out there and explore your woman, remember that life is all about learning, so do your lady right!

From me and the ohanang team, kere le saleng sentle till our next topic droping next month (on my birthday) so le sa chaba go nkopella akere..

Don’t forget to follow me on twitter ke @djkgaoza if you wanna discuss any of this month’s topics or from my previous blogs.


Stay well ka KONTROLO ngwana!!!!


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